Cheese Delivery in Lehigh Valley

Colby Raw Milk Cheese (AVC)

A fresh and creamy-tasting cheese, this mild cheese goes great with just about anything. Cube it for a snack, use it as an ingredient, or slice it for a sandwich. The options are endless!

  • $4.99 8oz package

Garlic Cheddar Raw Milk Cheese (AVC)

This garlic cheddar is perfect for adding some extra flavor to any dish or sandwich.

  • $5.49 8oz package

Mild Cheddar Raw Milk Cheese (AVC)

This traditional mild cheddar goes well with just about anything. Pair it with some of our sweet bologna for a great snack or slice it to make the perfect grilled cheese sandwich.

  • $5.49 8oz package

Pepper Jack Raw Milk Cheese (AVC)

An exceptional spicy jack cheese. Add a slice of this cheese to your sandwich or grilled cheese to give it some extra kick. Aged a minimum of two months for excellent taste and quality!

  • $5.49 8oz package

Swiss Raw Milk Cheese (AVC)

This Swiss Cheese is unique in that it has a mild, almost sweet, flavor. It is perfect for melting or as a simple snack with crackers or some nice crusty bread. Aged a minimum of two months for excellent taste and quality.

  • $5.49 8oz package

Herbal Jack Raw Milk Cheese

The addition of mild herbs really enhances the creamy goodness of this cheese. Perfect to pair with your favorite cracker or bread. This cheese is aged a minimum of two months for excellent taste and quality.

  • $5.49 8oz package

The Versatile Crowd Pleaser

Available in different varieties, our cheeses work great as a snack, appetizer, or even part of a meal. Of course, our cheeses adhere to our high standards of production and quality so you can be sure that our cheeses are the best of the best. With the added convenience of home delivery, it’s easy to keep trying different flavors and adding them to a variety of recipes.

We offer the following cheeses:

  • Colby Raw Milk: mild, fresh, and creamy
  • Garlic Cheddar Raw Milk: a twist on a traditional flavor
  • Mild Cheddar Raw Milk: delicious with just about anything
  • Pepper Jack Raw Milk: the perfect kick of flavor (aged at least two months)
  • Swiss Raw Milk: mild and almost sweet (aged at least two months)
  • Herbal Jack Raw Milk: creaminess paired with mils herbs (aged at least two months)

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What Sets Us Apart?

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