Lehigh Valley Pastured Beef Delivery

Cow Belle is pleased to offer a choice selection of ground beef, beef snacks and bologna. The items below will be accompanied by more selections in the near future. From time to time we can offer you beef products from AVC’s animals that have either been raised for beef purposes or that are no longer able to remain in their dairy herd. They hand select each animal that they send to the butcher and decide whether it is best suited for lean ground beef production or for making into more choice cuts.

Occasionally, they will also work with neighboring farms when they have all natural, pastured beef that they want to sell. AVC ensures these animals from neighboring farms follow the same strict standards of production as they do.

Ground Beef (Apple Valley Creamery), 85% Lean

From animals at Apple Valley Creamery, this ground beef is 85% lean. Try some today; we are sure you will love it. Customers say it is the best they have ever had!

  • 1lb Ground beef (85% lean)……………..$6.99lb

Ground Beef (Apple Valley Creamery), 90% Lean

For even more ground beef, try AVC’s over 90% lean ground beef. We are sure you will love it. Customers say it is the best they have ever had!

  • 1lb Ground beef (90% lean)……………..$6.99lb

Sweet Beef Snack Sticks (Apple Valley Creamery)

These beef snack sticks are the same as our very popular sweet bologna. They make a great snack for on the go or packed in a lunch. Each package contains approximately 5 sticks and will be delivered frozen. approximate weight: .75lbs

  • Sweet beef snack sticks…………………..$9.99lb

Sweet Bologna (Apple Valley Creamery)

Made from Apple Valley Creamery beef, our sweet bologna is very popular. The sticks weigh approximately 1.5 pounds, so if a quantity of one is ordered, you will receive approximately a 1.5 pound stick. The sweet bologna is delivered frozen.

  • Sweet bologna………………………………..$9.99lb

The Best Practices, the Best Quality

Currently, our pastured beef products include the following:

  • Ground beef, 85% lean
  • Ground beef, 90% lean
  • Ground beef patties
  • Sweet beef snack sticks
  • Sweet bologna

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